Solar Energy + Battery Storage

A Solar PV designed and installed by AEI will convert sunlight into electrical energy that can be used in your home. There are four key components to any home solar system, two of which are already a part of your home:

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Solar

01 Prices and Incentives

The price os solar panels has fallen significantly fallen and stabilized in the past 10 years. Current incentives give you a 30% tax credit when you own the solar system on your home.

02 Solar is a high performing investment

The DC energy is then converted into a, ready to use, AC form. AC electricity is what powers your home and the electric utility grid.

03 Solar energy provides clean energy

Electricity produced by your solar panels will help reduce the need to build dirty and potentially dangerous sources of energy. It’s these dirty forms of energy emissions that can cause severe health risks as well as having damaging impacts on the environment.

04 Solar increases home value

Generally speaking, a solar array will increase the resale value of a home, particularly if you have a high-efficiency system that helps lower monthly energy bills. Buyers are looking for more energy-efficient homes to reduce their carbon footprints and help save on electricity bills.

05 Personal freedom from rising costs

Solar power on your property equates to independence from rising utility rates. Power prices in the USA have increased on average 3-4% per year.

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