EV Charging

As electric vehicles continue to excel rapidly in popularity and become more cost effective we at Advanced Energy Innovations have realized the need for electric car charging stations is growing just as quickly. Our professionals will be able to provide service and installation of the most advanced, fully featured charging systems available.

Level 1

Charging stations come standard with most electric vehicles and is plugged into any normal three-prong outlet. This utilizes 120 volts and provides an EV with roughly 2 to 5 miles per 60 minutes of charging, resulting in 20 hours or more to charge your vehicle.

Level 2

Charging stations require their own dedicated 240-volt circuit, which needs to be professionally installed, near where you would normally park your vehicle. These chargers utilize 240 volts and can provide an EV with about 10 to 20 miles of charge per every 60 minutes, which generally brings charging time down to 3 hours.

Level 3

Chargers are standalone devices you see at public charging stations, such as: movie theatre’s, grocery stores, malls and parking garages. These chargers utilize a 480 volt industrial- level power draw that makes them unavailable to homeowners. The benefit to level 3 chargers being the ability to completely refuel most Electric Vehicles in 30 minutes.

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